Akers Ferry Expected to Re-Open by Late June

Posted June 15, 2016 at 8:44 pm

Akers Ferry.jpg

Akers Ferry, located at Akers on the upper Current River, is expected to re-open in late June. Akers Ferry provides a Current River crossing on State Route K in northern Shannon County. The ferry has been out of service since mid-summer 2015. At that time, issues with the underground electrical system prompted closure of the ferry in order to replace and repair electrical wiring and components. Work on the electrical system led to the discovery of severe deterioration of the main support posts. It was determined that these posts would need to be replaced to allow safe operation of the ferry.

The repairs to the electrical system have been completed. The main support posts are expected to be replaced by mid-June. In addition to work on the ferry structure, the ferry channel across the Current River needs to be cleared of gravel and debris that has accumulated during several recent floods. Due to fish spawning season, which runs through June 15, removal of gravel cannot commence until that time. Gravel removal will be completed as soon as possible after June 15.

For more information, contact park headquarters at (573)323-4236, visit the park’s Facebook page, or website at www.nps.gov/ozar.

Akers Ferry, located on the Current River in northern Shannon County.