Summersville Cardinals

Posted June 15, 2016 at 8:54 pm

SV Cardinals.jpg

What a week for the 9-10 Cardinal Summer Baseball boys! After a two week period of no games due to weather, the boys were back on the field this week for two scheduled games and a make-up game. The Cardinals also picked up their first win of season!

For Monday’s game, the Cardinals traveled to Willow Springs to face off with the Willow Springs 1 team. The first inning was a success for us, as we scored a run and were able to keep them from scoring by striking out three batters in the top of their lineup leaving the score 1-0. After three quick outs while batting for us, the Willow Springs 1 team lost no time getting on the scoreboard too. When the second inning was over, the score was 1 to 4 in their favor. Our boys were never able to get back in the lead, although they did score two more runs. Willow strengthened their lead and the game ended due to time after the 3rd inning 3 to 8.

We traveled back to Willow Springs on Thursday to face the Willow Springs 2 team and this time, the Cardinals would be in the winner’s circle. Coming out strong, the boys scored 5 runs in the first inning and were able to hold the Willow team at only one. In the second inning, our boys increased their lead by another 5 runs and held the Willow boys, not allowing them to bring one home. Our boys doubled their score in the third and ended the game with a score of 20-2. Every boy made it across home plate at least once during this game. This accomplishment was a huge triumph for the team and the smiles on their faces were priceless.

Friday the boys finally had their first home game against the Mountain View 1 team as a make-up game rescheduled from the June 2 rainout. With their first win of the season out of the way, the boys were ready to buckle down and get another one, and it looked like they were going to do so until a few mistakes in the last inning allowed the Mountain View team to pull ahead. The boys started out strong in the first inning, scoring four runs and only allowing them to score two. The second inning, our boys gave up two runs but our batters came back strong and scored two more to keep their lead. The third and fourth innings were battles for the pitchers on both teams as the pitchers struck out three batters for each team for a quick and scoreless third and fourth inning. However, the 5th inning would change the game. After a tough inning on the field for our boys, the Mountain View team was able to bring home 6 runs, putting them in the lead. At bat, our boys were struggling to put the bat on the ball and were only able to score 1 more run. When the inning was over, the final score was 7-10.

Up this week, the boys will have two more home games against Mountain View 2 and Licking 2. Let’s go Cardinals!