OMC Offers Way for Smokers to Overcome Tobacco Addiction

Posted June 15, 2016 at 8:56 pm

Ozarks Medical Center (OMC) and the American Lung Association will be offering the Freedom From Smoking program, a 8-week smoking cessation class for adults. Meetings will be held every Wednesday during the session beginning on Wednesday, July 6 at 9:00 a.m., in the OMC Pulmonary Rehab Conference Room in the Shaw Building. You must be registered by June 30. There is no cost for the program, but enrollment is required.

As America’s gold standard smoking cessation program for over 25 years, Freedom From Smoking helps participants create personalized plans to overcome their tobacco addiction.

With a recent new edition, the program is based on the latest research on addiction and behavior change. It approaches the difficulties of quitting with a sensitive, supportive style.

Studies show that people who use the program are six times more likely to be smoke-free one year later than those who try to quit on their own.

According to Ruth Nabors, Pulmonary Rehab Coordinator at OMC, the program is especially helpful because it is taught by a trained facilitator who helps participants learn what triggers their smoking, when they are most likely to smoke, and the best way to approach the quitting process.

"Our Community Health Needs Assessment showed the need for OMC to address causes of cancer and heart disease. Cigarettes and second-hand smoke are a leading cause of disease," said Tom Keller, OMC President and CEO. "We want to improve lives by improving health. Helping people avoid health problems that can be prevented by stopping smoking will achieve a healthier community."